Dutch Design

The Family is a cargo bike with electric assist with which you can transport your children through the urban jungle quickly and safely. The bicycle has a light aluminum frame and is highly maneuverable, so you can zigzag smoothly through the traffic.

Our accessories like the folding bench or extra seat on the back allow you to fully customize the bike to your family’s needs. All with a stylish Dutch design. Today we’re going to leave the car at home and take the bike. What more could your family want?


There’s a reason why this model is called the Family: our focus is on your children’s safety Because the children are seated lower than in other cargo bikes, the centre of gravity is also lower, which means the Family has the best possible grip on the road surface. And the children enjoy extra protection from the robust and impact-resistant expanded polypropylene box (EPP).

We’ve also thought about the rider. They can always reach the ground with their feet whilst still enjoying a good upright posture. The Family therefore offers optimum comfort together with a clear view of the road.