Modern, new and trendy!


Designing the Dolly Family was not an easy task: a two-wheel cargo bike with a design that stands out in the current bicycle market. The result is a cargo bike with a modern, new and trendy design which can be customized by the numerous colour combinations to make it even more personal.

In addition to the design, a lot of attention was paid to the geometry of the fame and the dimensioning of the box. This enabled us to give the Dolly not only a beautiful look and excellent final assembly but also outstanding cycling qualities and a practical, usable box.

Unique is also the material and shape of the box. The slightly slanting shape of the box extending over the head tube gives the Dolly its unique look. The box is made of polyethylene and is made by means of rotational moulding. This technique produces a double-walled box which is strong, sustainable, light and recyclable.

Mid-Engine Pendix

The E-Dolly with the new mid-engine is a strong 250W 50Nm motor placed in the bracket. This combined with the strong 300Wh 48V battery it gives more powerful system. Because the power of the Pendix system is directly on the pedals you get a nice and smooth riding experience. The design of the robust battery is very modern.

On the battery provides 3 assist modes for Eco, Smart and Sport, so the right power for every terrain. The powerful charges needs only 3hours for 100% charging.

Becaause the motor and battery both are placed in the middle of the cargobike the center of gravity is very low which give a better riding preformance. Also there are no long cables, so no chance for failiure of the system on this point.

So choose for the E-Dolly with the Pendix mid engine not only for it's beatiful design buth also for its very nice and smooth ridingfeel and it's reliability.

Dolly E-Volt electric Frontwheel motor

The E-Volt system gives the Dolly excellent and reliable assistance and, therefore, turns it into a real electric cargo bike!

The Dolly E-Volt has a modern Li-ION 36V-13A battery of 468Wh on the frontwheel system. This gives the E-Dolly a range on average 25-70KM (range is depending of different conditions)

Only the most reliable components are used for the E-Volt. No unnecessary gadgets that can easily break down, everything is focused on years and years of uncomplicated fun with the electric-Dolly!

The battery is located in the box (under the seat), and because of the efficient cable routing, the beautiful design of the Dolly stays intact. Placing the battery under the seat in the box also ensures that the battery stays dry.

The E-Dolly with frontwheelmotor is a smoothly running 250watt brushless Pro-mini motor. This combined with the 468Wh battery it gives a big range and a smooth and quiet system. The LED display is a firm and robust and provides 6 assist modes.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur pharetra dapibus pharetra. Donec interdum eros eu turpis pharetra et hendrerit est ornare. Etiam eu nulla sapien. Nullam ultricies posuere nunc, eget mollis nulla malesuada quis.