Stable, sturdy, and spacious, the Christiania tricycle  lets you carry kids and cargo safely, swiftly, and without a worry about soaring petrol prices or scarce parking.

Introduced in 1978, it has revolutionised family transport in Copenhagen (a quarter of families with two or more children own a tricycle), and it is now exported worldwide.

The Danish Design Centre has awarded Christiania Bikes® its 2010/11 Classic Design Prize.


The Christiania Light rolls so smoothly and swiftly, it is just a pleasure to ride. Fitted generally with seven speed and coaster brake (three and eight speed are also available), and with a tight turning circle, it is surprising manoeuvrable in most urban settings. There is a range of box colours and canopy shapes and colours; see details below. Two choices of seats: a wooden bench, with optional pillow, or a soft seat; both are for two chldren and come standard with a lap-belt. For children younger than two, an additional three-point harness can be fitted. Climbing on board is aided by an aluminium step.  RRP: £2070.50, with seven speed, Bugatti hood, soft seat for two children and frame lock


The Long Box, 30cm longer than the Classic model, is for families with three or four children who want to ensure they have ample storage space for school bags, sport kits, shopping, etc.
Built exclusively in steel, it is 7 kg heavier than the light, but still rides smoothly and easily.

This is also the preferred choice for kindergartens in Scandinavia, where they seat six children in each trike for school outings.

RRP: £2565 with seven speed, Prairie hood with six windows, seating for four children and frame lock. 

THE TWO WHEELER                                                                                                      The 2Wheeler is for families with one or two children whose typical journeys have few interruptions, generally in a non-urban setting or with well designed cycle paths. The low centre of gravity offers great stability and the box is deeper than that of most other two-wheelers.

Equipped with 8 speed and frame lock. It uses the Bugatti hood of the Classic and comes in three frame colours: Green, Cream or Black. 

 RRP: £1740.50 with bench for two children; Bugatti hood: £231


Most versatile from all Christiania family models. Ideal bike for school run, shopping and fun with your children. We recommend 8 speed hub with coaster (back pedal) brake. The Light model is designed especially for the transport of children. Allows you to comfortably fit four children and their school bags into the same sized box as the “Classic” model

DIMENSIONS 208 cm x 85 cm x 114cm (L x W x H)

RRP £2,150

Electric Motor

Comes with a 13.6 Panasonic Lithium-ion battery, fitted above the rear wheel and a throttle, to reduce power consumption.

Technical data
Gear Shimano Alivio 8 gear
Motor 250w brushless DC hub motor with planetary gear
Controller PWM/microprocessor with self-diagnostic system
Low voltage (protection) 31.5 V
Mode PAS (Pedal Assist System) (EU standard EN 15194)
Battery 13,6AH 36V Panasonic Li-ION, 490 watt hours, detachable,
weight 3 kg
Charging / discharging up till 1.000 times
Charger Swift mode, sealed, charge time 5-7 hours

Range Up to 40 km

RRP £1,450